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hello this is fredy!

hi im fredy (23, any pronoun) I'm a bus driver by day, and a writer, cartoonist, tinkerer and transit enthusiast by night. occasionally i make comics set in a scifi universe called ibiverse. Most of my posts on this website are under the "blog" tab - the projects and transit tabs are works in progress. You can also follow my posts via RSS feed

You can find me here

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Revisiting 6th St Terminal

March 26, 2024

6th & Maple Bus Terminal

February 14, 2024


August 31, 2023

Links to websites I like

Technology and transportation

DIY bicycle gear wiki, a great source of project ideas.

Sheldon Brown's website, which has lots of anecdotal advice about bicycle parts and maintenance.

Railroad nicknames, a very important list.

Fern's website. Fern makes great transit maps, real and fictional. I especially like their geographical LA metro map.

Space Scout, an independent aerospace journalism outlet with excellent, informative coverage.

Stormy Kara's website, unofficial chicago-area transit schedules that are less confusing than the official ones.

Space Archive, longtime reliable source on Vandenberg launches.

CPTDB, a helpful but not comprehensive set of public transit vehicle rosters.


Militant Angeleno's PE Archaeology map, excellent compilation of interurban railway artifacts.

Metro Transit Library youtube, lots of archival footage from transit agencies in LA and elsewhere. Metro library's Flickr page is also amazing.

Retroride, a tool for comparing transit routes and timetables in LA over the decades.

Electric Railway Historical Association, overviews of the different phases of LA transit history.

Shore Line Trolley Museum membership website, home to very extensive records of streetcar equipment.

Fiction and art

Atomic Rockets, an excellent resource on hard sci-fi topics.

C.M. Koseman, illustrator and creator of some lovely speculative biology projects

Proxima, an excellently-written alternate space exploration history.

Roselight, a delightfully illustrated and scored scifi setting.

Ben Tomimatsu, illustrator and streetcar cartographer

August, transit cartographer.

Blanket Fort Webring

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